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WELCOME   to our new center, which has been founded as an educational institution to discover, explore and understand history in an entertaining and unique way.

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Library Visit our new Museum of American History
Enjoy a series of multimedia presentations with special music, native dances, films, drama, art and outstanding speakers.

Learn about the history of the 500 Indian Nations, the early American Colonists, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the history of our military battles, Presidents of America and our development as an infant nation to 21st century global superpower.

We also offer field trips and classes which are taught by our museum docents as well as school teachers, nurses, artists, musicians, scientists, business leaders, engineers and other outstanding volunteers in our wonderful community.

We have been highly recommended by the Pasadena Unified School District: "This is a great opportunity to see history on display and visit a center that can be a resource for future faculty meetings and field trips."

Learn with us, enter the gates of knowledge, education and discovery . . . from the history of Pasadena and our Nation to the Rainforests and Outer Space, this Educational Museum will take you to many exciting places!

Besides our Museum of American History, don't forget to check out our Summer Camps for kids, our International Art School and our Christian Bookstore and Gifts. All these include plenty of educational materials.

We are looking forward to meeting you,

Miriam Kincaid Justice, M.S.
Educational Psychologist, Ret.

Miriam Kincaid Justice   -   Founder / Director
Miriam Kincaid Justice, has a in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology from U.S.C. She has taught Kindergarten through graduate school, worked as a School Counselor, School Psychologist and at Childrens Hospital in Los Angeles. She was the National Director of Parents for Quality Education. She created, owned and directed a children's Museum and Learning Enrichment Center for several years where "Integrated Theme Units" were taught and many groups of school children came for tours and School Field Trips. This was also a popular filming place for TV commercials and was highly praised for its unique design and learning theories. Currently, she is the Owner/Director of Northwest Education Center & Museum of American History in Pasadena, CA.

Thomas Justice   -   Planning and Development.

Melinda Justice   -   Assistant director, Education

Melissa Justice   -   Bookstore Manager

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